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Fishing Report 3/8-3/10/17
« on: March 10, 2017, 10:26:30 PM »
My Brother in Law David drove down from Illinois to surprise his sister for her birthday, attend a business meeting in Dallas, and end the week fishing with me on the Lil Mo. As it turned out I was the one most surprised when David unloaded a custom made fly tying table he built for me! I did take advantage of it tying flies for us to use on this trip. I arrived at Riverside Wednesday about 0930 to find only a few folks fishing. Actually I was surprised to see no real fish activity. However, I did see something I had never seen before when a bird took a march brown out of the air as it was flying over the river! There was a steady hatch all day. Right as David arrived about 1030 the fish turned on and then it was on. We caught fish around the slick rock all the way down to the Wall Hole. Thursday we had one of those days at Hinds Bluff that make up for those days where you catch only a few. We used Brown BH Nymphs, but the fish were so active just about anything would work. There were only a few people fishing Thursday and we fished with Jerry from Bonham, TX who also was having a great day! This morning David had to head home, so I arrived again at Hinds Bluff about 0830. I started at Butt Buster Shoals just letting my fly drift in the moving water. It was again an awesome morning! Once the sun broke through the clouds it got very busy! I talked to David who I see there frequently for a while letting about 8 others have a place to fish. Anyway it was an awesome three days of fishing, that was downright Obscene! There are plenty of healthy strong fish in the river right now, and I am glad that David was able to come down at the right time and take advantage of it. John D