Author Topic: Fishing Report 4/18/17 Tax Day  (Read 636 times)

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Fishing Report 4/18/17 Tax Day
« on: April 19, 2017, 07:53:39 AM »
Ardis and I arrived at Hind's Bluff at about 0915 to find David and his Dad already into fish.  I started at Butt Buster Shoals and was having a good morning as well. AP was fishing the lower area and about 1000 Mike Ingram arrived to say they had started generating! What! Schedule showed generation at about 6 pm. Oh well we fished until high water ran us out and went to Low Water. I caught an equal number of trout to bream until the water ran us out again. We drove back up to the park to find no generation!  Go Figure!  We did see the trout shock boat and I talked to the agent, as the alarm sounded again! He said they had gotten a really good sampling of fish to check for disease and he was putting out water pots to check water quality. Anyway generation never happened after the horn, so we drove back to fish falling water at Hind's Bluff. Mike Ingram was already into fish at the shoals, so I went down to fish the lower stretch and got into some nice fish. Ardis was having success just letting the fly drift in the current. Anyway there are some really strong beautifully  colored fish in the river right now. Brown to light tan seemed to be the ticket for me, as I had success with bh brown nymphs and the temple duck dry/emerger. Another great day of fishing, caught plenty of fish, saw deer, and got home safely!