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climax leaders
« on: July 26, 2017, 01:06:22 PM »
hey Jeff, it has been a few years, since I have posted anything on here, actually it has been a few years since I wet a hook. I had a heart attack 4 yrs ago and when I finally went to the dr, he decided I was lucky to be alive, had the attack in june and it was august before I went to the dr and after the stress test came back not looking so good, he said I needed a heart cath and he never let me leave the hospital after that, triple bypass 9 day stay in hospital, but everthing is fine now. I am ready to get back to fly fishing. I got back on the website trying to play catch up and realized I needed some new leaders, well I started looking for the climax leaders that u like so well. so I started looking for them, and I know the last ones I bought at cabelas, but they don't have them anymore. so I continued my search online. Well late yesterday I found a fishing supply place called G Goodard I think that is the name of it, well they had already closed, so I called them this morning, well the sales guy informed me that I think he said they were made by courtland. Well guess what,if you didn't already know this, they have stopped making the climax leader, I bought a couple for myself, they have a few left, so unless you have another source, this may be the end of them, just thought I would let u know. passing it on.


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Re: climax leaders
« Reply #1 on: August 13, 2017, 09:54:43 AM »
Hey LiteLines, first sorry for your health issues but glad you're able to get back on the water.  Thanks for the info, I did not know that