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Feb 21, 2018
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Rain washed my work out. Why not fish? It was raining steady, but no lightning, no wind. As I crossed the 'Mo on 27 just below Murfreesboro, the river was a raging flood. But it shouldn't be like that by the dam, right? I was correct. There was an intermittent stream coming in just up from the ramp. It was muddying the far side, but the level wasn't noticeably higher than it has been (Oh, maybe a little, not much), nor rough in any way. I couldn't interest the fish in wooly buggers. Well, caught one and had a short strike in about 45 minutes. I think I'm doing something wrong when I fish them. I've been using a 5 ft leader ending in 2x on the theory why use something longer and thinner when you don't have to? I wish I'd tried a 9' ending in 4x or 5x to see if it made a difference. My 5' leader may not be allowing the bait to get deep enough. I do have a sink tip leader, somewhere? I know they were hitting bugger-types, because the guy just below me tore them up with Jeff's. Maybe I need to take a trip to Swaha store. You still have that box there, Jeff?

The fish were messing closer to the surface by now, so I switched to soft-hackles/emergers. They didn't like a Barr's Emerger in PMD coloring. I tried this Gary LaFontaine caddis emerger that I tied using mostly black antron for the bubble and the shuck. I don't know why I ever tied that, as a lark I guess. It works well, though, often. What it represents to the fish I have no clue. Yep, this was it's day. For the next hour and a half it was fish-on! They were the mostly smallish rainbows we've been seeing this winter with the red gill-plates. A couple of 12-13 inchers. No brownies. I didn't see any caddis come off. Maybe they were just preparing to. I don't know. I never tried a zebra midge because they bit on the "black caddis emerger". They bit mostly about 1/3 of the way across from the near bank, but also in the muddy flow on the far side.  I finally left the river because my jacket had soaked through about an hour before and I was freezing my tookus. The last fish I couldn't hardly grab the fly to release the fish. Man, I really have to get an actual rain fly with a nice hood.

Folks, they're still biting actively on the Mo'. That water release is beautiful, man!