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March 30th
« on: March 31, 2018, 09:16:25 AM »
Arrived at Hinds Bluff about 10 AM. Nobody was there, and the water condition didn't appear to have improved much, if any, since the previous late afternoon. I wet a line for a few minutes, but didn't see a sign of a fish, so I left for Riverside.

The water condition at Riverside was also about the same (very murky) as I left it the previous afternoon, so it's obvious that the water coming through the dam is the problem. No telling how long it will be before the river flows clear again.

I caught a bunch of rainbows, but all were small and most appeared to have been stocked recently. Hen was also there, catching as usual. He reported trying several spots on the river, but found only small fish, too. We both expressed our concern about the lack of big fish catches. I could write it off to my fishing, if it was only me, but Hen wasn't catching any big ones, either, even at some of his other spots around the river, so that's different. But I'm not complaining (yet). Catching small fish is so much better than the past few weeks of staying home, tying flies, and waiting for the water to fall to fishable level.

There were a fair number of March Browns hatching, and their large shucks could  be seen floating downriver with regularity. When I saw the first one, I thought it was a dead nymph, because it was so complete; from head, through legs, to tails. I picked it up and realized it was just a perfectly formed, intact shuck of the nymph. Later in the day I saw one that looked different. I was sure it must be a dead nymph, and it didn't seem to be moving. I put my finger in the water under it and lifted it up, then realized that it was a March Brown still in the process of emerging from the shuck. It took only a few more seconds for the fly to squirm free from the shuck and crawl out onto the back of my hand. The wings unfurled almost immediately, and it took flight a few seconds later. Cool!

I stopped by Hinds Bluff on my way home (about 4:30 PM). Nobody was there.