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Fishing Colorado
« on: September 06, 2018, 09:00:18 AM »
Jeff, We made it up to the Conejos River in Southern Colorado in mid August for a week long adventure. I wanted to share that your Tan Bead Belly was the top producer for the trip followed by the Smidge. We probably caught 50+ Browns like the ones in the pictures and virtually every one was on one of those flys. Thanks again for what you do for the Fly Fishing Community!
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Re: Fishing Colorado
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2018, 11:36:41 PM »
Beautiful fish! My Dad and I, and 2 friends from Alabama, rode motorcycles over Indiana Pass, and down the gravel road from Platoro, alongside the Conejos, on our way to spend the night somewhere in New Mexico during the summer of 2005. We were on a long trip, not fishing, but I've often thought about going back to fish that pretty river. But I can never think about that river without recalling the gravel road beside it: the roughest (rideable) 23 miles of butt-busting, tooth-jarring, washboarded road that we encountered on our entire trip (of very many miles of gravel roads) from Canada to Mexico over the summers of 2004-2005. All 4 of us remarked about that road for the rest of the trip, and afterward. A few years later I came across an article ("Platoro Requires Commitment - But Worth It") on the ESPN website, which mentions the reputation (the "wimp filter") of that road. If you caught it right after grading, you're lucky. One benefit of a very rough gravel road, I guess, is that it helps keep out all but the truly committed  :)