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New Season! October 29, 2019

Posted: Tue Oct 29, 2019 12:19 pm
by jeffg
Whoo Hoo! The river is troutable again! (I like that one - "troutable"!)

Stocking took place last week - sometime during the week. I got a rather generic answer last time from the AGFC that fish would be by the end of the month. Including up to 2,000 Browns, which I suspect will be in today or tomorrow...

I know the first loads went in at no less than Riverside and Hind's Bluff. Yes the pipe has been repaired at Hind's Bluff. I can't say for sure about any of the other sites as the conditions Sunday morning were such that the fish were not showing themselves hardly at all. That changed as the day progressed. They liked it when the sun came out and the wind blew - they always do!

Oh look! (Thanks to the Whalen's on Sunday for this pic!)