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Do you want to join in the Message Board?

Post by jeffg » Wed Oct 09, 2019 11:42 am

If you want to join in on the Message Board, go ahead and register and then please email me directly at and let me know you are a legitimate person interested in the Little Mo!

I just spent a bunch of time removing 190+ false registrations!!! :roll: Most of them with .ru emails... Gee, what does that tell you?

I hate to end the self registration capability entirely, so do email me and let me know so I can activate your registration. I've got way better things to do than weed through and have to check all those e-mails! :?

We want everyone to enjoy the Message Board, particularly once the new season gets going. So do indeed contact me. If you have registered but I have not activated you make sure you e-mail me. I've got a few that I suspect may be actual people!

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