Eighteenth Ever Fly Fishing Festival!!!

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Eighteenth Ever Fly Fishing Festival!!!

Post by jeffg » Sat Jan 11, 2020 9:51 pm

Yep - The Eighteenth Ever Little mo' Fly Fishing Festival will be upon us (and me) before we know it!

As always, President's day weekend - this year February 14 - 16. I know, Friday is Valentine's Day, but that happens every couple or three years. Just one of those things we deal with...

Looking to hear back from The Usual Suspects as I just now got around to sending out the word to them. So be looking here to see who's coming.

Most everything happens on the Saturday, morning into the early / mid afternoon. Friday afternoon folks begin to show and one can expect a reasonable amount of food to be around. I've had folks in the past say they felt they couldn't come if they didn't bring food!!! :shock: Rest assured, that is far from the case! If you want to bring some eats, feel free to do so, but don't feel compelled!

I've kept the fees for this thing the same from day one: $5 for an individual and $10 for the family!

Keep an eye on this thread for news as it happens!!!
Always On The Water - in mind at least! :ugeek:

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