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I've been holding off going there until stocking begins... I figured they were all gone.  Are all the surviving trout going to be at the Riverside Picnic area?

Thank you for the update!  I can't wait for cooler weather!

Hen,  I enjoy your posts.  I'm still learning the Little Mo and your posts have been invaluable for me and has been great in helping me teach my 11 yo son how to fly fish.  (I'm trying to learn all the geographical references that you make, like Sycamore Run and Couch Hole)

This past winter with all the rain and the water releases, your posts helped keep me from driving an hour just to have my son disappointed by the unfishable conditions, so if I haven't thanked you for that, I want to thank you now.

The stocking reports last winter were great too.  I've fly fished for 30+ years and this is the time I am now trying to teach my son the joys of fly fishing.  The Little Mo is an amazing water for teaching if the conditions are right (stockings/generation/etc) , but there are so many nuances, having your updates is what really makes it shine.

Me and my Son thank you.

Hen's Nest Reports! / Re: 30 May 2023 “I apologize”
« on: May 31, 2023, 11:26:52 PM »
I appreciate the updates.  I went to the Little Mo on Saturday and had a fine time catching rainbows and sunfish.  It wasn't a 50 trout day, but I caught one every 5 minutes or so, which kept me busy with my son.

Thank you for the update.  I'm hoping to get out there this month, but I'm finding that unlikely.  Hopefully it'll still be productive in early June.

The Lower Little Mo' / Lost rod tube cap
« on: April 11, 2023, 10:06:20 PM »
Hello fellow anglers!  I was out on the Little Mo at the Riverside Picnic Area last weekend and on Friday, April 7, I somehow lost the cap to my rod tube. It is a black aluminum threaded cap that says Orvis 9'5" 5wt.  I was parked on the very north spot and I think it fell out of the back of my truck into the grass.

Is there any chance someone found it?

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