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Hen's Nest Reports! / Generation Schedule
« on: September 15, 2023, 02:01:28 PM »
Hey Mike, I see there is no generation scheduled next week. I wonder how true that is!?! I hope to fish one day next week, John Davis

The Lower Little Mo' / Fishing Tuesday !/17/23
« on: January 18, 2023, 08:10:20 AM »
I started the day at Riverside as the water was falling out post generation. I caught fish there, but best of all a first for me. I caught a small pike?? about 100 ft below the stocking ramp. I moved to Hinds Bluff about 1:15 and as Hen reported the stocking truck showed up at about 2. After about 30 minutes it was game on. I fished down at the bottom of Hinds Bluff until the generation came in. It probably didin't matter what fly you used, but I used a Chartruese JD Special until I had to cut it off, then shredded a Long Creek, and back to the JD Special.  I did talk to a lady who was fly fishing as well and she said there were plenty of fish(pre stocking), which is good. I was surprised to see few people out, as I ended up the only fly fisherman as the lady I spoke to was leaving as I arrived.

Another great day of fishing, sore wrist, but...I hit a deer about 1 mile from the house last night. Now starts the insurance, car repair process. Luckily it was running low and the damage is to the bumper and trim, all below the front license plate bracket, I think...John D

The Lower Little Mo' / Fishing Report 12/9/2022
« on: December 09, 2022, 07:16:26 PM »
First of all a big Thank You to Mike Ingram for his posts to keep us informed of happenings on the Lil Mo!

I arrived at Hinds Bluff this morning to find Gordon Shaw and his friend(Randy? his name escapes me) already into fish. I went to the lower end and got into fish right away. I was fishing the little dry fly with brown hackle and barred duck feathers for the tail. This fly is my starter fly and has been a really good one for the Lil Mo. It's a funny thing, as I had 6 boxes of flies in by bag and used 2 different ones all day. 

I caught some really nice fish that were quite fiesty. It is so much fun when your fly hits the water and gets an immediate take. Plus it is so fun to see you line stop or move before the tug. There are still plenty of fish at Hinds Bluff and there are some that have really good colors.

I am so glad there have been several stockings with some nice fish. I had a great day, caught fish, and got home safely, John D

The Lower Little Mo' / Fishing 2/17/22
« on: March 18, 2022, 03:41:42 PM »
I arrived at 0945 Riverside to find only one person on the Wall fishing. I stepped in one of my favorite areas below the stocking ramp and got into fish almost immediately. The fish really were active through out the morning, but seemed to just shut down about noon. I moved down to Hinds Bluff, where Gordon and Randy were into fish. I fished from Butt Buster and got a few fish and some hits. Gordon gave me one of his chartreuse jigs. I did not have the same amount of success they were having with it, so switched to a chartreuse ugly fly. That was the trick and produced fish all afternoon. Much of the time was pretty obscene! I actually caught two fish by the either broken off or cut off tippet and strike indicator. Both acted like a normal caught fish until I pulled them up to find my hook on the indicator and about 18" of tippet. Must have been the same person, as both were multiple stick on type indicators, but about 4 of them. Anyway I was able to unhook one fish completely and the other I had to just cut off at the mouth since what looked like a pink weenie was too deep to get out. I have never done that before and did not see the indcator until my fly hooked it.

There is a good mix of fish in the river right now. I caught a lot of normal stockers, as well as some really pretty colored larger fish.

Anyway it was a great day, chartruese was the color at Hinds Bluff and March Brown was the color at the Park. I got in a bad storm driving home, but got home safely, John D

The Lower Little Mo' / Fishing Wednesday 2/9/22
« on: February 11, 2022, 04:24:04 PM »
I arrived at Hinds Bluff as the water was falling out, plus to find no one else there. As the flow settled down I stepped in and caught fish from the creek inlet down to the last point before the bend. I used an A and W, Long Creek, and Olive Lil Mo wooly. Other people stopped by throughout the day, but didn't stay long, so I still had the place  mostly to myself. Two other fly fisherman arrived before I left, but they ended up going down around the bend. After lunch the action was below Butt Buster Shoals on the Temple Duck Dry/Emerger. I love drifing that fly through shallow moving water and getting hits. Also got to work on line mending as well. It was so much fun, but sadly I had to leave fairly early to get home before too late. Note to self, when getting hits but no caught fish check the hook. Yep had to fix a straightened hook.

The fish were hitting much better than my last trip, where I worked hard to catch fish. I had heard that others had experienced the same issue.

Anyway I had a great trip, caught fish, didn't fall in, and got home safely, John D

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