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Albert Pike, March 19, 2024

Started by Jonbo, Mar 22, 2024, 12:38 PM

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I fished Albert Pike on Wednesday with a good friend. We fished at the "Carwash Bridge". Man, was it dead that day. The water was up pretty good to where it seemed like a very nice river. Conditions looked great, besides a lack of fish, that is. There was no movement of fish to speak of, that I could detect. I think I saw one rise all morning. About 11 I thought I spotted a couple of march brown emergers coming off, nothing chasing them. I caught one smallish rainbow. My buddy, nothing.

It was odd to me because about 6 weeks ago the Carwash Bridge was quite lively with fish. That day I'd been downstream near the Swimming Hole area. There was the same dearth of fish there that there was on Wednesday at the Carwash Bridge. A man showed up and told me everything now is happening upstream, that they don't stock at the Swimming Hole now, it's all upstream. I went up there and found really good action.

So, I don't know what's happening. When I got home Wednesday I found somewhere online a report that AP had been stocked in March. Was the one fellow wrong and sometimes they stock further upstream, other times further downstream? Maybe we just hit fish nap-time. A mystery, certainly.

It sure is a lovely place, that AP, I'll say that.

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Jonbo, out.