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16 March 2024 “River full of people 😂”

Started by HEN, Mar 16, 2024, 05:35 AM

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At 5:00 am on Saturday 16 March 2024 there is no "bungeration" happening on the Lil' Mo'. That makes 25 days of good fishing and you have sure taken advantage of it!!  Yesterday around one o'clock there were 9 fly fisher people standing in the water and 3 bait fishers on the rocks at Hinds Bluff!!  Great to see the river being utilized. Spring break has sprung!!

The lake has come up to 544 and Langley is still running at 5 foot so more water to come down. They could start bungerating at any time so watch yourselves and don't get trapped on the wrong side of the river!😬😬. Also remember they don't always blow a siren when they start the bunger valves.

I saw no sign of more "Net Pen", or any other fish being stocked this past week, but they could have slipped a load in on us somewhere??  Nevertheless, there are still a ton of fish hung up at all the stocking sites. 

‼️ @ 5:00 am Tuesday morning still no water running. Lake is at 545, three feet down from standard pool, could start the bunger any day, fish while you can!! 🤔🤔.

The water temperature is still running around 58 degrees up and down the river. Water clarity is a little cloudy down river due to the run off from the inch of rain this past week, but the fish don't seem to mind. The March brown hatch is in full swing!!  Brown fly, brown fly, brown fly to entice the larger trout. Attractor flies drive the net pen fish to a frenzy. 🙂🙂.