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28 March 2024 “Albert Pike”

Started by HEN, Mar 28, 2024, 03:34 PM

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First, yes they are still running the bunger valve!!  8 days straight now I think, and the lake is still around 544. Only taking about .33 hundreds of a foot off in 24 hour period and we had 2 inches of rain last week. Long way to go!, To wherever they are going?? 

Second, in reply to those of you wondering about Albert Pike, I'll quote Ryan Gary, our Lil' Mo' trout biologist. I  just received this in a text today:   "Hey Mike had to double check with hatchery manager but we stocked the April fish in March up at Albert Pike because water temps were getting too high in the lake. I don't think we have any more stockings slated for the year on Albert Pike."  😞😞.

That's about all that's new from here. I feel they are continuing to stock here on high water but it's hard to know. I think some people keep messing with my markers on the stocking tubes, just to keep me confused!!🤔 I know, that's easy to do!!🤪🤪.



Thanks for the reporting, Mike.  I now want to take back all the bad things I ever said about SWEPCO.  Compared to SWEPCO the C of E seems more secretive than the CIA.  Would it kill them to let people know what they are doing with the water flow at Lil'Mo?  Judy and I are in need of a little time on the river but do not want to make the trip not knowing if we would find a fish able river.
PS: Do you know how much it costs for Jeff to maintain this site?


Thanks Mike!  You're always appreciated.  Enjoy a blessed Resurrection Day