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23 March 2024 “still running”

Started by HEN, Mar 23, 2024, 06:00 AM

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You weekenders don't waste your gas money, at 6:00 Saturday morning they are still running the bunger valve. They seem to be "slow rolling" the river, only taking about .33 of a foot of water off the lake per 24 hour period.

I checked out Albert Pike last Thursday and it was really slow!  I caught a few in the swimming hole but none father up river!😞😞. Don't know when they last stocked or when they might stock again. Sorry Gordon, just don't have much information for up there.


Yeah, Albert Pike was extremely slow upstream last week when I went. I had found a report somewhere that they had stocked 1000 earlier in March at AP. I can't find the report now. Maybe I imagined it? Someone else had told me they haven't stocked at the Swimming Hole for a couple of years but at the Car Wash Hole instead. Maybe he had bad information? Donno. All I know is I can confirm YOUR report that AP was very slow last week.

BTW, can you or someone explain what the "bunger valve" is? I know that earlier in the season supposedly the generators were down for repairs and that somehow meant they ran water constantly some other way. Was that the bunger valve?


Thanks Hen and Jonbo.  I don't know whether they adhere to the published stocking schedules or not, but the Arkansas Game & Fish book shows stocking of 1,000 Jan, Feb, March, and April 2024.  We can only hope.  Hen, you've saved a lot of folks time and money with your timely reports, much appreciated.


Jonbo, I don't know what kind of Howell-Bunger valve is installed at Narrows Dam, but here is a youtube video from the company that makes them explaining operations.  Apparently they're all installed with a high head of water above.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnhOy4YWjsQ&ab_channel=ORBINOXVALVESINTERNATIONAL