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Fishing 2/17/22
« on: March 18, 2022, 03:41:42 PM »
I arrived at 0945 Riverside to find only one person on the Wall fishing. I stepped in one of my favorite areas below the stocking ramp and got into fish almost immediately. The fish really were active through out the morning, but seemed to just shut down about noon. I moved down to Hinds Bluff, where Gordon and Randy were into fish. I fished from Butt Buster and got a few fish and some hits. Gordon gave me one of his chartreuse jigs. I did not have the same amount of success they were having with it, so switched to a chartreuse ugly fly. That was the trick and produced fish all afternoon. Much of the time was pretty obscene! I actually caught two fish by the either broken off or cut off tippet and strike indicator. Both acted like a normal caught fish until I pulled them up to find my hook on the indicator and about 18" of tippet. Must have been the same person, as both were multiple stick on type indicators, but about 4 of them. Anyway I was able to unhook one fish completely and the other I had to just cut off at the mouth since what looked like a pink weenie was too deep to get out. I have never done that before and did not see the indcator until my fly hooked it.

There is a good mix of fish in the river right now. I caught a lot of normal stockers, as well as some really pretty colored larger fish.

Anyway it was a great day, chartruese was the color at Hinds Bluff and March Brown was the color at the Park. I got in a bad storm driving home, but got home safely, John D