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11 May 2024 “23 days with no water flow!”

Started by HEN, May 11, 2024, 04:42 AM

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At 5:00 on Saturday morning, just for all you weekenders, they are not running any water on the Lil' Mo'. It's now 23 days with no flow!!  It's a little scary because the water temperature at Hinds Bluff and River Ridge is 72 degreese!!  It's still 63 at the park because of the seepage from the dam. A little hot rain runoff into the river and we could start to lose some fish. That's the major problem with the condition of the generators, no regular flow means no cold water thus no trout!! 😬😬.

Still a lot of fish at the park but they have really been run over and pounded for the past week. They must all have the sore mouth. That much pressure all day long really slows the bite. I am however sure they are still there, I've only run off 2 sets of poachers since the catch and keep season ended. Of course I'm not at the park that often, fishing is still good all down river. Again I urge you, if you see people breaking the rules, TELL THEM!!

The lake is up to 541.70. Again I say the Corp could open a bunger valve at any time. Be vigilant!! 


I was there earlier with my son.  They were definitely active, probably because water temps are rising. 

We C&R about 20 until a 5' gar swam within 3 feet of me and started chasing our catches.  Once that happened, we packed up and left.  I didn't want to feed the gar with a hooked trout.


Mike, it was good seeing you Friday!  Your input and info is a blessing, thanks for taking your time to inform of river conditions.  We all appreciate you.


Yes, thank you for the excellent reports! I'll probably be up there at the end of next week.