Author Topic: 31 January 2023 “EOM Report”  (Read 299 times)

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31 January 2023 “EOM Report”
« on: January 31, 2023, 07:51:48 AM »
7:15 Tuesday morning and the generators are running. A bummer of a week for fishing on the Little Mo. Will see if they stick to schedule. If so, next good time to fish will be Friday afternoon on falling water, unless you get up really early!!  You can fish Old Factory until about 8:30 and Low Water Bridge until about 9:30. Just watch out for the coming water!! 

It was a good past weekend of fishing here, there were lots of fisher people taking advantage of the low water on the river. There was a group from the Shreveport fly fishing club all over the river this weekend. I ran into one man at “OFS”, as the water was falling, who said they had fished it early that morning and caught fish before they started generating, just as I mentioned above  🥶🥶🥶. It was very cold earlier that morning, they broke my 50 degree rule!!  I asked him what they were catching them on early that morning and he said “do you know the Christmas Tree fly”!!!! 🤔🤔. I told him I was the one that originally tied the Christmas Tree jig some 20 years ago. He looked at me very skeptically, like yea right!!  Don’t think he believed me but that’s ok. I asked him later if I could see the jig he was fishing because over the years it has been re-tied in so many different ways that I often don’t recognize it. Surprisingly his was really close to the original. I gave him one of my originals since I had bothered him to see his. Some 15 years ago or more I gave that fly to a group of guys from the Alexandria La. Fly fishing club one day at River Ridge and they caught a lot of fish on it. A tall dark haired man caught me on the river months later and told they had named it the Christmas Tree jig, so that’s how it got named. Wish I could remember his name or know who originally named it??  I have given that fly away to lots of people over the years because it seems to always catch a few fish, no matter what the conditions, and sometimes it’s just the fly to catch a bunch of fish fast!! 

Will try to keep you posted if the generation changes. Albert Pike is not really an option because the river gage at Langley is showing around 5 feet. I like to fish it at about 3.5 feet, 5 foot is to swift for an old man!!