Author Topic: 4 March 2023 “Real time info at 5:19 am Saturday”  (Read 200 times)

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4 March 2023 “Real time info at 5:19 am Saturday”
« on: March 04, 2023, 05:42:19 AM »
For some reason the Corp decided to stop generating yesterday at 6:00pm and they are not generating at this minute!!  Ouachita river did come up, but not to flood pool??  Will they hold water today and tomorrow as scheduled, your guess is as good as mine?  Better fish if they do because next weeks schedule shows generation 24/7!!  I will try to keep you posted in real time here, but I too plan to fish today as soon as I can, you know, 50 degree rule!!  It’s setting up to be a great fishing weekend. Barometer is rising, full sunshine and temperatures in the 60’s!!  Lake is back at full pool, and 5 3/4 foot of water at Langley gage so who knows what actions the Corp will take. I actually expect them to crank up at any minute 🤔🤔.

The water temperature has remained at the 50 degree range even with all the run off and running of the bunger valve. Water clarity is milky, chocolate milky, with all the rain run off. Lots of fish all over the river so break out your muddy water flies.

Albert pike was stocked last week with 800 catch pen (they will be small) fish. That’s an option for next week while they pull the lake down. If they stocked here last week I’m not aware?  Hard to tell when you can’t fish, unless you just happen to see the truck 🤣🤣 

Will post again in a couple of hours unless I head out fishing to try and beat the rising water. If you’re planning on driving up, it’s just a crap shoot. 😬.