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20 February 2024. “They stopped”!!

Started by HEN, Feb 20, 2024, 12:37 PM

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After 24 days straight of running the bunger valve, with the lake at about 539, they stopped the water at 8:00 am this morning. Who knows when they will start back up??  River looks a little cloudy, but not too bad. You can't check the generation schedule because they are just running the bunger.  Be careful, I don't think they blew the siren the last few times they opened the bunger!!😬😬.

‼️ @ 5:00am Wednesday morning the 21st of February: not running any water at this time.

‼️ @5:00 am Thursday morning the 22nd of February:    not running any water at this time.
       Had reports yesterday of some fisher people with 50+ fish catches!! 

‼️ @7:00 am Friday morning the 23rd of February:  not running any water at this time.
       Lots of fish scattered all over the river. More reports of large catches.

‼️ @5:00 am Saturday morning the 24th of February: not running any water at this time. 
      Fishing slowed a little yesterday, full moon and falling barometer didn't help. Same again last night.
      Looking good for all you weekend fisher people. Try some brown flies, I think the fish that survived the 24 day                         bunger valve run may have learned what to eat in the river. Of course attractor flies still work, but I think you can             catch bigger fish on natural flies. Just my opinion!!
      I'm sure you have all figured out by now, that checking the generation schedule now is a waste of time!! No             generation is possible with the broken trash racks, and they don't post the bunger valve running anywhere.

‼️ @ 6:00 am Sunday morning the 25th of February: not running any water at this time.
       That gets you thru the weekend, I'll post next time they start running water. LOTS of people out fishing yesterday.
        Some catching, some not!🤔. There has been a lot of pressure at the access stocking sites. You can only step
        on the fish so long before they get lock-jaw. 🤣🤣.

Jeff Guerin

Hope you found some good fishing on such a bright day!


Good strong fish at Hinds Bluff. Only place I fished today.


HEN, THANK YOU, so much for all the updates on the bungers and so much information you share with so many of us on the status of the Lil Mo!! It's awesome!!!