Author Topic: 7 May 2023 “catch and release is here!”  (Read 210 times)

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7 May 2023 “catch and release is here!”
« on: May 07, 2023, 08:18:48 AM »
We are now a week into the summer catch and release which goes from the dam to the pipeline crossing.  There are a lot of fish in that 1 mile stretch of the river!!🤗🤗. Baring any problems and if we can keep the poachers in check it should be a great summer of fishing. I spoke with our new trout biologist, Ryan Gary, last week at River Ridge, and he assured me we will get another 1000 fish stocked this month. I ask him to have them all put at the park. Mr. Posey was with him, still doing the trout surveys.

I lost one of my good sources of stocking info the first of this month when Melissa Jones retired from the Spring river (Jim Hinkle) fish hatchery. Hate to see Melissa go, she had been with the Game and Fish for 38 years, and ran that hatchery well. She has sent this river some nice fish over the past years. Thank you Melissa, hope you enjoy your retirement.

I appreciate it when someone else appreciates the info that I post here. I try to be accurate and give relevant information. Thank you Jim for letting me know. Hope you and Judy had a rewarding trip last week.

I’m still catching fish at River Ridge and Old Factory Site, just not near as many as in the park area. I fished above copperhead crossing yesterday and was amazed at the number of groups of 10 to 20 fish that were running around in that area. I’m still fishing my brown flies, along with my Oregon Cheese fly, olive jigs, and some Crippled Quigleys. When conditions are right, a good ripple helps, they are biting most anything!!  Beginning to see more Cahills hatching out on a regular basis. David commented to me that the river seems like the old days, back before the big fish kill ( 2019 I think), I think it’s because his catch rate is so high at his Rock 🪨.  🤣🤣.

Was glad Jeff said the 60 degree water temperature was not uncommon at this time of year. It seems to be holding at that all up and down the river. Next weeks schedule only show’s generation Monday and Tuesday and it’s supposed to be a warm week. Will be curious to see what happens to the water temp with 5 days of no generation. 😬😬. Will try to keep an eye on it.

Should be another week of great fishing, see ya on the river.

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Re: 7 May 2023 “catch and release is here!”
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2023, 08:23:57 PM »
Thank you for the update.  I'm hoping to get out there this month, but I'm finding that unlikely.  Hopefully it'll still be productive in early June.
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