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8 March 2024 “River Full of Fish!”

Started by HEN, Mar 08, 2024, 06:01 AM

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Trying to keep you informed since you can't believe the posted generation schedule. As of 5:30 am there is no water running on the Lil' Mo'. We had 1 3/4 inches of rain in the past few days making the river a little muddy down stream. The lake has come up to 541'so who knows when they might start "bungerating" again?? 

As I previously noted there are a lot of fish everywhere, some very nice ones and a slew of small catch pen fish with approximately 21 thousand more to come as they continue to empty the catch pens on lake Ouachita.

The March Brown hatch is in full swing.  I'll only say one thing: brown fly, brown fly, brown fly!!🥴🥴.

‼️ Just for you weekenders, they are not running any water as of 6:00am Saturday morning the 9th of March.

‼️ Ditto for Sunday morning!!

‼️ At 5:30 Thursday the 14th of March there is no water running on the lower Lil' Mo'. This makes 24 days of no flow on the river so I checked the water temperature. It was 57 degrees at the park and 59 degrees at Hinds Bluff. That's great considering no releases from the dam. The fish are still trapped in the stocking locations, have been "trounced", and are still biting!!! I do think every fish has been caught at least once so they all have the sore mouth. I'll try and report as soon as I see water running past my back door!!  I would ask that y'all practice my plea of "take out one more piece of trash than you bring in". The river has been really crowded and the bait fishermen are out in droves, thus there is trash everywhere!  Worm boxes, powerball bottles, hook packages, coke cans, Twinkie wrappers and 14 miles of broken off monofilament line!!  Help keep our river pure when you can. Thank you 🙏


Thanks for the update.  I went out there today and hooked into quite a few.  Looking forward to going there this week with my son again.