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1 April 2024 “ Don’t be an April fool, the river is still running!”

Started by HEN, Apr 01, 2024, 07:22 AM

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They are still "slow rolling " the river. They are barely making a dent in the water level, the lake is at 542.56. Only about 1 1/2 foot down from when they started on the 20th of last month. I can't say why and the Corp puts out no information!!

Jim, like I just noted, I agree with you, seems the Corp could have a little concern for the fishermen but they don't. I don't know what it costs Jeff to maintain this site, maybe he will chime in?? I do know we should all be thankful to him 🙏. It seems like a year since I've seen you and Judy? I made you and Judy each a box of my summer blend flies LAST SUMMER, and still haven't seen you. They will still work this summer if we ever get to fish and y'all get up this way. 🤔🤔. I'll do my best to keep you informed so you will know if waters running before you leave headed this way.

I still see a lot of fisher people standing by the river, shaking their heads, having just driven up here, wondering what is going on since the generation schedule shows no generation. Seems a lot of folks don't know to check Jeff's site. Its a shame that SWEPCO misleads people the way they do.