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Fishing Tuesday !/17/23
« on: January 18, 2023, 08:10:20 AM »
I started the day at Riverside as the water was falling out post generation. I caught fish there, but best of all a first for me. I caught a small pike?? about 100 ft below the stocking ramp. I moved to Hinds Bluff about 1:15 and as Hen reported the stocking truck showed up at about 2. After about 30 minutes it was game on. I fished down at the bottom of Hinds Bluff until the generation came in. It probably didin't matter what fly you used, but I used a Chartruese JD Special until I had to cut it off, then shredded a Long Creek, and back to the JD Special.  I did talk to a lady who was fly fishing as well and she said there were plenty of fish(pre stocking), which is good. I was surprised to see few people out, as I ended up the only fly fisherman as the lady I spoke to was leaving as I arrived.

Another great day of fishing, sore wrist, but...I hit a deer about 1 mile from the house last night. Now starts the insurance, car repair process. Luckily it was running low and the damage is to the bumper and trim, all below the front license plate bracket, I think...John D