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Fishing 3/12/24

Started by John Davis, Mar 12, 2024, 09:29 PM

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John Davis

My brother in law David and I arrived at Hinds Bluff at about 1015. There were two spin fishermen in the main area. I went to Butt Buster and David went down to the lower end and I think we both caught a fish on our first cast. From then it was on as I am sure it was at least a 50 fish day apiece. Sad to say the fish are stuck at HB with no generation to spread them out.

We visited with Mike Ingram and some men with him. Thanks again Mike for the River Peports. Please keep them coming.

We caught fish on the Temple Duck Dry/Emerger, Charteuse, Brown and Orange JD Specials. There are plenty of small stockers as well as some really nice larger fish. I actually caught a small brown at Butt Buster. As we were coming out of the river I saw a fly fisherman do something rude and embarrasing to me as a fly fisherman. There were about 4 spin fishermen along the bank just below the stairs. This guy waded in front of them, not behind them, started fishing right where two of theses young men were fishing. There was plenty of river below the spin fishermen for this guy to wade and fish.

Anyway we had a great day, caught many many fish, didn't fall in, and got home safely, John Davis